Warframe Tennogen - Rhino Warlust Concept

The concept for the Rhino "Warlust" alt helmet, officially accepted in Warframe's Tennogen Round 8.

After the preliminary sketches I switched to Zbrush to better work out the concept in 3D and quickly experiment with shapes and ideas before deciding on the final design.

As usual the basic 3D shapes are brought to Photoshop were I paint over details and use gradient maps to color the final image.

For this one I had feedbacks from Digital Extremes to make the overall design less organic and remove any face-like features, also a lot of very small details have been reworked and removed from the second version to better match the in-game content and resolution.
The rework have been approached directly in Zbrush removing the zygomatic-like shapes and refined the overall surfaces for a more "plated" and less "fleshy" look.

Marco hasmann rhino comp

Concept progress and final result.

Marco hasmann warlust 3 4

The Final In-Game Design