Ivara Arcuata - Warframe Tennogen

New Version Of the Ivara "Arcuata" Skin & Helmet: Warframe - Steam Workshop. Approved for game on Tennogen Round 8.

Redesigned the visor to better fit and flow with the overall design and refined the emissive maps to better match the in-game engine.
Release Date TBA

Marco hasmann ivara 3
Marco hasmann ivara 2

Marmoset Scene

Ivara Arcuata V2 Helmet+Skin - Turntable

Ivara Arcuata Helmet V2 - Turntable

Marco hasmann marmoset turnaround

Helmet Turnaround

Marco hasmann ivara arcuata turnaround t
Marco hasmann ivara arcuata turnaround clear
Marco hasmann ivara composed

The original concept and feedback changes