Wild West Challenge

My entry for the Wild West Challenge; the aim was to create a Group of grizzled characters that would feel at home in the realistic setting of an RPG\Open World Game; tried to give them a little backstory with their attitude, pose and clothing; hope you guys\gals digs them!

Kudos also to Jared Chavez: https://www.artstation.com/jchavez21 who won 1st place for Game Character Art (real-time) modelling and texturing "The Mean Lonewolf"; and to Farzin Izadyar https://www.artstation.com/farzinizadyar who got an Honourable Mention modelling "The Lucky Bastard" for the Game Character Art (real-time) challenge!

Marco hasmann full lineup resized

The Final Lineup; from left to right: Outlaws, Law Enforcers, Gunslingers, Natives, Townfolks.

Marco hasmann gunslinger1

Gunslinger - "The Ex-Prostitute"
- "Put it away... or I'll shoot it away!"

Marco hasmann gunslinger2

Gunslinger - "The Lucky Bastard"
Rumors say he walked away untouched from several shootings, even bullets seems to be scared of him...

Marco hasmann law man

Law-Man - "The Hammer"
- "...I'll Judge you! and judge you! and judge you! Until there's nothing left to judge..."
This former Judge decided to join his colleagues, delivering "justice" first-hand.

Marco hasmann law woman

Law-Woman - "The Young Gun"
She's here to make a name for herself, no matter the cost.

Marco hasmann native1

Native - "The Mean Lonewolf"
His tribe have been long wiped out; now he's taking Revenge, scalp by scalp...

Marco hasmann native2

Native - "Pierce-your-eye-out"
-"Call me an Indian... one more time..."
Her skills with the bow are unmatched even by the most agile gunslingers.

Marco hasmann outlaw1

Outlaw - "The Gentleman"
The origins of his nickname are unclear, there's nothing "gentle" about this man...

Marco hasmann outlaw2

Outlaw - "The Little Red Devil"
-"boy, where's your father?"
-"Six feet underground, where you'll soon be meeting him!"
-Gun shots-

Marco hasmann townfolk1

Townfolk - "The Priest"
-"Stealing in a Church boy? You better have a good reason... or a very good aim."

Marco hasmann townfolk2

Townfolk - "Not Fanny"
Often mistaken for her long dead sister Fanny, she doesn't like that. And be warned: do not mention her age, she doesn't think that's "fanny" either!

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